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Friday, November 14, 2008

Like a stone

  • Cochise
  • Show Me How To Live
  • Gasoline
  • What You Are
  • Like A Stone
  • Set It Off
  • Shadow On The Sun
  • I Am The Highway
  • Exploder
  • Hypnotize
  • Bring Em Back Alive
  • Light My Way
  • Getaway Car
  • The Last Remaining Light
Download: Audioslave


Anonymous said...

yuhuuu......salam singgah, hiks2 tmpt ni xde ruang nk melaung kew?

::CeK LaLa:: said...

mamat neh memang kedek nak buh tpt jerit2 tu kak!!
May!! hg nak ka frame gambaq comey aku tuhh??
amik la yerr!! harap2 hg mimpi aku mlm ni!! hahahhahah!!

iEn said...

oit.. cari lagu slamdunk kat hakuuu!

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