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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Exploited - Singles Collection

01. Army Life
02. Fuck A Mod
03. Crashed Out
04. Exploited Barmy Army
05. I Believe in Anarchy
06. What You Gonna Do
07. Dogs of War
08. Blow to Bits (Live)
09. Dead Cities
10. Hitler's in the Charts Again
11. Class War
12. S.P.G. (Live)
13. Cop Cars (Live)
14. Y.O.P.
15. Attack
16. Alternative
17. Troops of Tomorrow
18. Computers Don't Blunder
19. Addiction
20. Rival Leaders
21. Army Style
22. Singalongabushel
23. Punk's Not Dead (Live)
24. Sex And Violence (Live)
25. Dole Q (Live)
26. Out Of Control (Live)

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