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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fergie - The Dutchess

16 Fergie - Maybe We Can Take A Ride [Hidden Track]
15 Fergie - Wake Up [Bonus Track]
14 Fergie - Get Your Hands Up [Ft The Black Eyed Peas] [Bonus Track]
13 Fergie - Finally
12 Fergie - Losing My Ground
11 Fergie - Mary Jane Shoes [Ft Rita Marley And The I-Threes]
10 Fergie - Big Girls Dont Cry
09 Fergie - Velvet
08 Fergie - Here I Come
07 Fergie - Glamorous [Ft Ludacris]
06 Fergie - Voodoo Doll
05 Fergie - Pedestal
04 Fergie - London Bridge
03 Fergie - All That I Got [The Make Up Song] [Ft Will.I.Am]
02 Fergie - Clumsy
01 Fergie - Fergalicious [Ft Will.I.Am]

Download: http://w17.easy-share.com/1701211799.html

1 comment:

lala said...

boleh letak kelly clarkson punya tak?
nak yg My Life Would Suck Without You tu :)
best lagi kalau ada Nickelback, David Archuleta punya.

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