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Friday, January 16, 2009

UK Subs - The Singles

01. CID
02. Live in a car
03. BIC
04. Stranglehold
05. World war
06. Rockers
07. Tomorrow's girls
08. Scum of the earth
09. Telephone numbers
10. She's not there
11. Kicks
12. Victim
13. The same thing
14. Warhead
15. The harper
16. Waiting
17. Teenage
18. Left for dead
19. New york state police
20. Party in paris
21. Fall of the empire
22. Keep on running
23. Perfect girl
24. Ice age
25. Self destruct
26. Police state
27. War of the roses
28. Anti warfare

1 comment:

Damya Hanna~ said...

ni mesti ganazzz2 nyer style lagu nih...

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